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Duration: 55 minutes
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Free childcare will be provided on 21 october by a professional from Gioia Cares for children up to the age of 10 between 7.15 pm and 21.30 pm. In our dance studio, children will find a wide range of activities to play, do crafting, paint and let of some steam. Registration required:


These dancers appear to be at peace with themselves. To the minimalist music of Coti K, a swarm of dancers moves as part of a collective choreography of synchronised movements inspired by ballet techniques. An air of calmness is palpable, but is broken by the individual, energetic manifestations of the individuals. Collectively, the dancers create a lively unrest, a permanent vibration. «Mellowing» blends choreographic compositions and the individuality of the members of the Dance On Ensemble. It results in a trembling, twitching, quivering overall body that audiences are unable to escape.

Dance On Ensemble

Christos Papadoupolos


Contextual Programme

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