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Duration: 2pm – 4 pm
Where: Studio Dampfzentrale Bern
Access: Nicht rollstuhlgängig

Registration by 18 september 2023 via mail to: or


Speed networking. A captivating and charming exploration into the career of professional dancers. 


Everyone is welcome – be it dancer, choreographer, programmer, teacher or agent.

After a short movement sequence, each couple has ten minutes to share their experiences before finding a new partner.


This speed dating session provides the opportunity to discuss topics of professional development and transition with dance professionals: This includes the challenges posed by dancing, education, family, further education, lifelong learning, unemployment and funding for retraining and further education.

The ensuing focal points revolve around the following questions: What structures are required to achieve financial sustainability in the dance sector while still being able to work creatively? What strategies can we use from other professions and transfer to our domain? What about the physical and mental well-being of dancers and the possibilities to establish supplementary sources of income? 

The workshop will focus on the mental and psychological challenges encountered by dance professionals throughout their performance careers, with specific emphasis on the professional transition at the end. 


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