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Art is an invitation to transcendence and critical reflection. Through the stage productions on offer, Dampfzentrale Bern invites its audiences to change perspectives, to become immersed in the experience, to reflect and to be entertained.

When you attend a performance, you move out of the humdrum reality of everyday life and into the world of performing arts. But perhaps that is not enough?

The context programme at Dampfzentrale Bern revolutionises the dialogue and interplay between the artwork, the viewers and the artists. The formats allow you to delve deeper into topics, to exchange ideas or to become active yourself.

Context programme formats

We love to exchange views.

In various formats such as «You are not alone», «Tupperware evening», «Questions and answers», visitors exchange information and ideas about the productions amongst themselves and with members of the Dampfzentrale team. Everyone comes together on an equal footing for a friendly exchange of views without the fear of being judged.

We listen.

«amuse tête – nützt’s nüt, schad’s nüt» is the slogan and format. Experts add to the joy of the productions with additional information, thoughts and stories. Scientific input, slam poetry and short performances are also an integral part of this «treat for the mind».

We love to get involved.

We «do» it ourselves: be it dancing or something related to the stage productions in order to get a real feel for what the professionals do on stage. In formats such as dance introductions, voguing courses, philosophising with … , roller skating disco, drawing, writing and various workshops, we get closer to the works of art shown.


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