Dampfzentrale Bern supports local, national and international artists in the development of their works: from a working residence to public rehearsals and dramatic coaching, Dampfzentrale Bern tries to provide the perfect assistance to every artist.

A residence lasts one to two weeks. During this period, the artists can live in the apartments of Dampfzentrale and work on their ideas in-house. The residence culminates in a so-called sharing. A sharing is a public rehearsal where artists and interested audience members have the chance to meet.

Technical residences have also been possible at Dampfzentrale Bern since 2019. They provide artists with the opportunity to try out various technical elements such as lighting, stage settings and set design on a large stage. Auditorium activities and layout are also tested during this phase.

Artists interested in working in the field of stage design should contact Caroline Komor for more information.

Take a look here to see what artists have said about their residence at Dampfzentrale Bern.


WIRREN, Sarah Bucher & Victor Poltier, ROTES VELO Kompanie, Joshua Monten, Valerie Reding, Yasmine Hugonnet, Chris Leuenberger & Marcel Schwald, Cindy van Acker, Sophie Vergères, Levent Pinarci, Ivy Monteiro, SNOW productions, Muhammed Kaltuk


Pink Mama Theater, Anna Heinimann, Simone Aughterlony, company idem, Miriam Coretta Schulte, Lucía Baumgartner, Éolienne, Vera Stierli, Anna Huber, Thibault Lac, Teresa Vittucci, Nicole Beutler, Ilona Siwek, Joshua Monten, Daniel Hellmann, Delgado Fuchs, Eugénie Rebetez, Ying-Hsueh Chen, Kollektiv F, Myriam Enters, Claire Terrien, Aurore Vincent, Zuzana Kakalikova, Emma Murray, WIRREN, Marie-Pierre Bonniol


Kollektiv F, Vera Stierli, Eduard Hue (Danse et Dramaturgie), Tumbleweed, Cindy van AckerBettina Wegenast, Dagmar Bock (Danse et Dramaturgie), Chris Leuenberger, Annalena Fröhlich, Asphalt Piloten, Cynthia Gonzalez (BOL), Lena Boss, unplush, Delgado Fuchs, Anna Huber, Ensemble Proton, Ernestyna Orlowska, Vanessa Cook, Riu collective, Michael Clark,KNPVBewegGrundAlessandro Schiattarella, Teresa VittucciJoshua Monten (USA), Pink Mama Theatre


em-r ProductionsAlessandro SchiattarellaJoshua Monten (USA), Michael WältiMiriam Coretta Schulte (DE), UnplushChris LeuenbergerCompany IdemBewegGrundFootnote New Zealand Dance (NZL), Anna HuberJeremy NeddKollektiv FMalika FankhaKarin Minger, Gonnet & Roehrich (Danse et Dramaturgie)


DeRothfils, Kollektiv F, Cosima Grand, InFlux, Emma Murray, Sonja Jokiniemi (FIN), Lea Moro, Michael Wälti, Joshua Monten (USA), Flores Compagnie BE, Simea Cavelti, Fhunyue GaoOliver Roth, BewegGrund, Lorena Dozio, Chris Leuenberger, Natascha Moschini, Anna Huber, Jeremy Nedd, Momo, Nina Stadler