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Duration: until 03:00 am
Age: from 18

The costs should not deter you from participating. Contact us and we will find a solution together.


The first hour of admission, from 10 pm to 11 pm, is reserved for BIPoC and/or queer people. We kindly ask all other communities to wait in solidarity and to look forward to partying with everyone afterwards.

There will be a changing room available this evening. Meaning you do not have to weigh up in advance whether you can make it to the party safely, enjoy a night of slutty dancing or suddenly experience gender euphoria at the club. 

Ask a member of the box office team for access to the changing facilities.


Let us create a hopeful space for our queer siblings, BIPOC friends and disabled babes!

STFU is a party series that started in Neubad Luzern. It was created by Angie Addo, aka AKUAKU, and Priya Kumar, aka KUMARI.

The Swiss cultural landscape urgently needs a safer space for BIPOC and queer people, where we can come together and party and celebrate the community.

But where do you really come from? Shut the Fuck Up!
Why are you wearing a skirt if you’re a man? STFU!
A space where you do not have to explain yourself and can just be yourself.


Stage program

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