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Language: German
Duration: 90 minutes
Access: Not wheelchair accessible
Admission: 10 CHF


Unrest is primarily driven by an absence of calmness. It can be connected to the emotion of joy, excitement or anxiety. Unrest is a relatively objective feeling. In fact, its significance only emerges from its actual reference and the emotions it evokes.

When we meet someone exciting, it arouses a sensation of unrest. Being naked can amplify a feeling of unrest and discomfort. There is usually a bit of unease and unrest when we look into someone’s eyes for longer than just a quick moment.

Unrest takes on a very special meaning when it comes to embracing your own body and your own sexuality. Since it is a very thin line between pleasant unrest and unpleasant unrest. And if body issues or intimacy with another person create too much unrest, it is usually also undesirable and can have serious consequences. Avoiding all forms of contact or refraining from sexual activity are just two examples.

There is a strong physical component to unrest. Needless to say, our thoughts, feelings and environment impact significantly on our levels of calm or unrest. But the unrest that we perceive is always physical. And it is fascinating to see how we can use the body to influence our own feelings of unrest.

In this workshop, the participants will address and share their experiences of unrest. A focus will also be on how varying factors impact your personal sense of unrest. And how we can calm ourselves down. 

Please wear comfortable and warm clothing. The workshop is open to all*.

Direction: Fabienne Zay (clinical sexologist, complementary therapist for breath work and therapy)

Stage program

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