Unfortunately this performance had to be cancelled. It is planned to make up for it in December 2021. Further information here.

¡FANDANGO! means Spanish culture in tradition, history and flamenco. From the conquest of America to the present day, the fandango, danced, played or sung bridges more than 500 years of Spanish music history and thus also of flamenco art.
Based on these guidelines, choreographer David Coria and singer David Lagos created an extraordinary dance and music production, which leads from origin to transformation and from tradition to avant-garde, thus unleashing the great span of today’s zeitgeist in flamenco art.

¡FANDANGO! received four awards at the Bienal de Flamenco en Sevilla 2020:
Giraldillo al Mejor Espectáculo: ¡Fandango! – Prize for the best performance
Giraldillo al cante de acompañamiento: David Lagos – Prize for singing
Giraldillo al Toque de acompañamiento: Alfredo Lagos – Prize for guitar
Giraldillo Revelación: Paula Comitre – Prize discovery

¡FANDANGO! Co production Chaillot Théâtre National de la Danse | Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla | Daniela Lazary artemovimiento.es
Direction artistique : DAVID CORIA & DAVID LAGOS
Mise en scène : D. CORIA
Chorégraphie : David Coria , Chorégraphe invité: Eduardo Martinez
Danse Chorégraphie : David Coria , Florencia O’Z , Paula Comitre , Marta Galvez , Rafa Ramirez
(voix : David Lagos, guitare: Alfredo Lagos, Saxophone: Juan Jiménez, Musique électronique, Création Sonore: Daniel Muñoz “Artomático”
Creaton lumières: gloria Montesinos AAi
Creation Sonore : Angel Olalla
Produccion déléguée : Daniela Lazary – artemovimiento.es