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In 2019, Fatma Aydemir and Hengameh Yaghoobifarah published the anthology “Your homeland is our nightmare”. 14 authors ask themselves whether and how they can be at home in Germany in the face of structural racism and monoculture.

In a political-poetic living room discussion, Mona-Lisa Kole, a specialist in discrimination issues, and Rohit Jain, a social anthropologist, talk together with Fatma Aydemir about the book, reactions to it and visions for an anti-racist society.

During the conversation, other voices from the diaspora join in. They read from the book and share their experiences from Switzerland and Bern.

A community evening of many. Thoughtful, angry, funny and proud!

Free Entry.


A collaboration between Bern liest ein Buch, Institut für Sozialanthropologie, Berner Rassismusstammtisch and Dampfzentrale Bern.

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