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Prices CHF 19.– / 26.– / 33.–
Price category can be freely selected.
U18: CHF 10.–
Festival pass CHF 130.–

Video projections contain disturbing images.

Languages En / Sp / Du
Supertitles En / De / Fr

70 minutes
The performance on 29 October will be translated into Swiss sign language.

Rollstuhlfahrer*innen Surtitles Sign language

When baroque meets post-modernism, supposedly incompatible worlds are on a collision course. In «The Goldberg Variations», choreographer Michiel Vandevelde merges Johann Sebastian Bach’s piano masterpiece with the iconic dance solo of the same name by Steve Paxton, one of the leading pioneers of post-modern dance. It sees Bach’s piano music being played live on the accordion, while images of political manifestations flicker across a screen.

Bach’s work is as polyphonic as the performance is complex. It is a reflection on the current state of the field of dance, on democracy as well as on both the past and the future.


Sign language translation


Production: Platform-K
Co-Production: Vooruit and KAAP
Choreography: Michiel Vandevelde
Dance: Oskar Stalpaert, Michiel Vandevelde and Audrey Merilus
Music: Philippe Thuriot
Dramaturgy: Kristof van Baarle
Scenography: Michiel Vandevelde, supported by Tom Callemin
Costumes: Tutia Schaad
Costume Assistant: Camil Krings
Technique: Maxim Van Meerhaeghe, Maarten Snoeck
Light Advice: Tom Bruwier
Support: de Vlaamse Overheid, Nationale Loterij, Stad Gent, Konekt and de Koning Boudewijnstichting Thanks to CAMPO and Kaaitheater.
Photos: Tom Callemin

Supported by: Walter, Ruedi und Emma Brändli-Stiftung

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