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«Bombyx Mori» (English: silkmoth) is an ode to the thousand faces of a transformation process. Relying on a careful arrangement of metre-long garments, the bodies of the dancers act as catalysts for dissipating dynamic forces that progress from minimal movements to far-reaching forms and figures. It is about cultivating the gap between black and white, between stagnation and dynamism, between the storm and the calm that preceded it: In complete contrast to the white stage, the veiled movements merge into dark artefacts. From a dramaturgical perspective, their states and contours undergo amazing transformations and seem to be able to transcend into anything at any time.

Till Hillbrecht, Programme Club / Dampfzentrale Bern

Ola Maciejewska from Poland studied Contemporary Theatre and Dance at the University of Utrecht. Her works are therefore distinguished by a interdisciplinary approach. The starting point for «Bombyx Mori» was «LOIE FULLER: Research», a solo piece about the early avant-gardist and creator of the «Serpentine Dance». «Bombyx Mori» has been performed extensively at internationally renowned dance venues since its premiere in 2015.



Konzept und Choreografie: Ola Maciejewska. Performance: Amaranta Velarde Gonzalez, Keyna Nara, Maciej Sado. Livesound-Verarbeitung: Carola Caggiano zusammen mit den Tänzerinnen. Licht und technische Leitung: Rima Ben Brahim. Kostüm: Valentine Solé. Produktion und Administration: Caroline Redy. Produktion: SO WE MIGHT AS WELL DANCE. Koproduktion: Ménagerie de verre – Paris (FR), LE CN D un centre d’art pour la danse (FR), Productiehuis Rotterdam (NL), Veem House for Performance (NL), Centre chorégraphique national de Caen en Normandie im Rahmen vom Programm «Artiste associé».

Mit Unterstützung von: Hermès Foundation im Rahmen vom Programm «New Settings». Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von: Vivarium Studio, Nanterre-Amandiers – Centre Dramatique National. Dank an: Thomas Laigle für die Unterstützung bei der Konzeption der ursprünglichen Licht- und Soundarrangements. Dank an: ICK Amsterdam, Judith Schoneveld, Nienke Scholts.

Fotocredit: Martin Argyroglo.

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