Due to illness the concert and the residency of Stine Janvin must be canceled.

Stine Janvin uses her voice to create electro. She plays with the codes and tricks of electronic music. And generates a whole new genre which she calls fake synthetic music.

Where does this sound come from? Using her seemingly infinite vocal talents, the Norwegian singer Stine Janvin experiments with synthetic music. Machines can make any sound. The human voice, on the other hand, is limited. Nevertheless, the artist constantly attempts to expand on what it can offer. Somewhere between organic music and artificial rhythms, she plunges us into supernatural, magical spheres. And all this in moods of light that additionally beguile the senses. A short, intensive, mind-boggling concert!

Artist in Residence

In the week before her concert at Belluard Festival, Stine Janvin will take up residence and rehearse at Dampfzentrale Bern.


Musik und Performance: Stine Janvin. Licht: Morten Olsen Joh.

In Kooperation mit Dampfzentrale Bern und Belluard Festival, Fribourg.

Fotocredits: Udo Siegfriedt, Camille Blake