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In his cycle for baritone and orchestra «Quaderno di strada» (2003), the Sicilian composer Salvatore Sciarrino uses casual, sometimes trivial, sometimes enigmatic «objets trouvés» as the material language. Through his delicate sound world, he manages to create a tremendous microcosmic big bang of these objects – a kind of «re-enchantment of the world». The team’s artistic vision under the guidance of director Matthias Rebstock constantly breaks free from this cosmos of inwardness in the opposite direction – into our worldliness and the directness of images and sounds of everyday life. Electronics, sounds, performance and objects create an exploration of «inward» and «outward» selves, just as the process of conscious perception is always the quest of finding equilibrium in oneself and in the world.

Dirigent: Lennart Dohms.
Regie: Matthias Rebstock.
Bühne und Kostüme: Sabine Hilscher.
Assistenz Bühne und Kostüm: Jimena Cugat.
Elektronik: Lejla Bajrami und Manolo Müller.
Instrumentalcoaching und Performance: Martin Fahlenbock.
Gesang/Performance: Julia Frischknecht, Christian Hilz, David Zürcher.
Ensemble VERTIGO der Hochschule der Künste Bern: Yeoweon Kim, Inal Jioev, Eva Anne Marlinge, Gianmarco Canato, Jakob Kulke, Mathis Pellaux, Francisco Ramos Cipriano, Clément Lambla, Alejandro Paz Velasco, Katarzyna Seremak, Pietro Montemagni, Lea Galasso, Krzysztof Jacek Jaworowski.
Projektleitung: Daniela Ruocco.
Orchestermanagement: Ramona Picenoni.
Licht: Christoph Gorgé