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20:00 Doors / Danmika, DJ Set)
20:30 Robert Henke
21:45 Chewlie
22:30 Trillion Tapeman, DJ Set)

Robert Henke

The «CBM 8032 AV» project is an exploration of the beauty of simple graphics and sound, using five Commodore CBM 8032 computers. This work is about the ambivalence between a contemporary aesthetic and the usage of obsolete and limited technology from 40 years ago. Everything presented within the project could have been done already in the 1980, but it needed the cultural backdrop of today to come up with the artistic ideas driving it.

«CBM 8032 AV Version 2» is an audiovisual concert, is a lecture, is a wonderfully entertaining journey through time without a false bottom. «CBM 8032 AV Version 2» is not aimed at computer nerds but primarily at an audience interested in electronic music.

Robert Henke from Berlin is not only a musician (mostly under the name Monolake) but was co-founder of the company Ableton and also co-developer of Ableton Live, the most used software for electronic live music worldwide. Furthermore, he became known for his room-filling audiovisual installations (e.g. «Spline» at the Bern Festival for digital art, Digital Playground in 2017).


Julia Häller aka Chewlie is focusing on a vivid sonic exploration in electronic music. Her approach in music is primarily through rhythm & percussion which is very influenced by an organic yet complex aesthetic. The work is bassheavy and infused with genres like Breakbeat, Dub, Dubstep, Broken Ambient. Chewlie is in an ongoing research of sensuality.


Fotocredits Robert Henke: Podobni Mihály ( , Pieter Kers (

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