The workshop is open to everyone, with or without dance experience. There is no pre-registration required – just turn up to the free event by 9:45 am. Bring along some comfy clothes and either wear shoes, socks, or go barefoot. Insurance is the responsibility of the individual (workshop will be held in German).


The image behind a movement

From a purely movement-related point of view, the Schnälli Schue dance piece is relatively easy to master. It incorporates two or three elements that were new and a little difficult for the dancers, but they have gradually come to terms with them wonderfully. More difficult is the part of acting – being able to play and interpret. Putting yourself in a certain state, following through with a role, being able to create and maintain a basic emotional state, immersing yourself in a world and staying there all the time, feeling, awakening and enlivening the simplest of movements. That was and really is the challenge. Leaving your ego in the dressing room and bringing your real personality to the stage instead – that is the goal. Demonstrating and amplifying the supposed ridiculousness. Christian Mattis’ workshops are built around structured improvisations, precisely defined games and the simplest of movements.

Text & photo © Christian Mattis