Heap (Neubau, AT)

Going wild with Heap means unravelling the history of psychedelic, electronic dance music and translating it into the present – sparking psychedelia from the hinterlands, cosmic new wave from all over the world, and industrial, electronic machine vocals from all corners of the globe. Heap is a co-founder of Neubau, the label from Vienna that captured the spirit of the times when it was created, back when the dancefloor scene was remembering that wave and industrial music were part of the foundation of techno and electro. So Heap devoted himself to this new playground not only in his work with the label, but also as a DJ and producer, and is now one of the most exciting figures in this far-flung scene.

Daniele Cosmo (Lux Rec, CH)

Daniele Cosmo – who hasn’t heard of him in Bern? The co-founder of Lux Rec is a regular guest at the Dampfzentrale Bern and taught us years ago that italo disco, industrial, and techno can be wonderfully combined. These two will be there to entertain you throughout the night; we are looking forward to a viscous and gloomy dance night!