Bern’s authorities shut down all theatre, dance, performance, music and club venues. Dampfzentrale will therefore be closed until the 23rd of November. All performances, concerts and events are cancelled.

New music can also be full of fun and put you in the party mood! Annette Schmucki, a master of word and language-based compositions, has been commissioned to come up with an explicitly witty and festive piece: A birthday serenade for nine instrumentalists without any instruments. The music-theatrical performance «Change» by Christian Henking, proton’s founding father and its long-standing artistic advisor, jumbled up the ensemble’s distribution of instruments and roles back in 2017. Did he ever imagine the prophetic power of his statement back then? To mark the ensemble’s 10th anniversary, «Change» brilliantly reflects the changes to ensemble proton bern with a lot of charm and a good dose of humour.


Henking, Christian (*1961): Change

Schmucki, Annette (*1968): drei möbelstücke (2020) UA

Krebs, Tobias (*1993): Neues Werk UA

Dirigent: Pierre-André Valade. Flöte: Bettina Berger. Lupophon: Martin Bliggenstorfer. Klarinette: Richard Haynes. Kontraforte: Elise Jacoberger. Harfe: Vera Schnider. Klavier: Bobby Mitchel. Violine: Maximilian Haft. Violoncello: Jan-Filip Ťupa.
Foto: Oliver Oettli

For this event, masks are required. It is mandatory to provide contact data for the purpose of contact tracing.