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Advance booking available from the 24/25 season.

Tickets CHF 20.- / 30.- / 50.-
Price category freely selectable
U18 CHF 10.-
Kulturlegi: 16.- (box office only)
Further ticket information (U18, cultural GA, wheelchair spaces)

On December 8th between 17:30 and 19:30, a specialist from Gioia Cares will be offering free childcare for children up to the age of 10. In our dance studio, children will find a wide range of activities for playing, crafting, colouring and running around. Registration is required:

POETiK P – An immersive performance

The POETiK P team creates a lustful performance, a dedication to their pulsating bodies, a celebration of poetic demands, a ritual of coming together – yes, a hymn to sexual self-determination! Under the motto “the personal is the political”, they scrutinise the hegemonic narratives about their sexuality(ies) and want to understand and change these in a cultural-historical context. How can a self-proclaimed language be found (or invented)? To this end, dance, fashion and spoken word are interwoven and a space is created in which perspectives from Switzerland, Congo DRC and Rwanda flow together. In the collective of the sisterhood, they plead for more poetry, care and inwardness in a world in which only male, Eurocentric and supposedly objective knowledge is valid.

The audience is invited to move freely around the room. A DJ warms up the atmosphere. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a feminist striptease club. A performer dances her way through the space and the beat speeds up. This is followed by a composition of dance, text and sound that nestles around the audience, encouraging them to move and rearrange themselves. The four performers sometimes move gently, sometimes dynamically, sometimes they talk uninhibitedly about their erotic desires, sometimes they spout historical facts and then they let their voices and bodies shake to the rhythm of the music. The pearls shine and swing to new heights. They symbolise lust and togetherness. The festival of tenderness is heralded.

Donya Speaks & Co.

Donya Sbika


Concept and performance: Donya Speaks
Choreography and performance: Souzy Muisha Chloè
Text and performance: Nina Balmer
Design and performance: Aline Amike
Interior design and lighting: Eulalie DéGuénon
Interior design and graphics: Julia Urech
Costume design: Nina Jaun
Music: Soukey
Dramaturgy and direction: Natacha Mizikuruka

Co-production: Dampfzentrale Bern

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