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Daniela Ruocco - En mi Imperio perreo sola


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U18: CHF 10.-
Languages: Spanish/German

16 years and older. Contains passages on sexualised violence and trade with colonial goods.

As positive and energetic as the Reggaeton beat might be, its lyrics often contain violent and sexist imagery. In this performance, Daniela Ruocco relentlessly and yet with sensitivity deals with this contradiction and with her identity as a «Latina». In doing so, she develops alternatives for a new, feminist interpretation of the world of Reggaeton music that she can relate to as an artist.

What begins as an exclusive record release gradually transforms into a surreal lecture-performance and ends in a concert-like mass. It all leads to the creation of glamorous, unimagined role models that can be stuck into a feminist Reggaeton album like Panini stickers. The performance is a glamorous, feminist alternative to the sexist and violent culture that exists in the world of Reggaeton music.

Lo que empieza como lanzamiento de un álbum exclusivo se transforma, paso a paso, en una performance surrealista y desemboca en una especie de misa musical. Se crearán glamurosos personajes que se podrán pegar como figuritas en un álbum Panini de Reguetón feminista.

Input «Partners in Crime»



Concept, text, performance: Daniela Ruocco
Artistic collaboration: Johanna Dähler
Consultation and workshop art figures: Mira Kandathil
Collaboration text: Julia Haenni
Outside Eye and dramaturgical advice: Philippe Heule
Outside Ear: Anni Rüfenacht
Choreographic accompaniment: Pascale Altenburger, Myriam Enters
Artistic process photography: Mali Lazell
Sound design and sound recording: Till Zehnder
Vocal Coaching: Milena Krstic
Outside Eye Costume & Stage: Myriam Casanova
Lighting design: Lola Rosarot
Graphic design: Katharina Reidy
Production management: Kathrin Walde
Sound technique: David Schwander
Evening technique: Lola Rosarot, David Schwander


Sponsored by:
Swisslos Canton Bern
Culture City of Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, Ernst Göhner Foundation, GVB Cultural Foundation, Gesellschaft zu Ober Gerwern, Swiss Performers Foundation SIS, Migros Kulturprozent, Gesellschaft zu Schuhmachern

Thank you for your support: Zita Bauer, Maria Liechti, Kathy, Chocolate Remix, La Nefera, Diana Rojas Feiler

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