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The motto of the first Abokonzert in the anniversary season is set: Birthday! To celebrate the ensemble, Michael Brooks Reid and Alejandro Mettler, the newest and longest-standing members, will each perform a half of the concert. Where do we come from and where are we going? Michael Brooks Reid has put together a surprisingly rich programme on the theme of «Life Cycles», reflecting the seasons of life.

After the interval, Alejandro Mettler will take us on a musical journey to his native Argentina. CAMERATA BERN will be joined by the young musicians of the string ensemble La Sinfonietta of the Bern Conservatory, directed by Alejandro Mettler. Side by side, the cross-generational orchestra presents a tango programme that is as melancholy as it is stirring.

Programme «Geburtstag» (19:30)

Part 1

Michael Brooks Reid – Conductor and Violine

Arvo Pärt (*1935)
Spiegel im Spiegel für Violine und Klavier

Antonio Vivaldi (1678–1741)
Excerpts from Die vier Jahreszeiten for violin, strings und basso continuo

Arnold Schönberg (1874–1951)
Excerpts from Verklärte Nacht

Brett Dean (*1961)
Carlo for string orchestra and tape

Thomas Adès (*1971)
O Albion aus Arcadiana, in a version for string orchestra

Part 2

Argentinian tango programme
side by side with La Sinfonietta of Musikschule Konservatorium Bern

Alejandro Mettler – Conductor and presentator
Luciano Jungman – Bandoneon
Margalith Eugster – Piano

Programme with break

Programme «Songbook» (22:00)

There is one element that runs through the whole of Jan Dvořák’s work: Songs! This characteristic musical form of our time, built of verse and chorus, is the foundation of his compositional work – even when there is no singing at all. So there is perhaps no better way to get to know Jan Dvořák than simply to listen to his songs.

To open their joint season, the Hamburg composer and author presents a selection of the most beautiful songs from various projects with CAMERATA BERN and the German-Swedish Jazz singer Anna Luca and tells us about their respective stories: We hear excerpts from the Utopian Songbook, from Leviathan or the futuristic Hamburg Requiem, from the philosophical suite Der Mensch als Pflanze. Finally, we get a glimpse – with a guest appearance by Genet Zegay, ensemble member of Schauspiel Bern – of the musical theatre piece Carmilla for Bühnen Bern, which is still in the making.

Jan Dvořák – Composer in Residence, presentation and vocals
Anna Luca and Genet Zegay – Vocals

Alexander R. Schweiss –  Arrangements cooperation

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