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Prices CHF 19.– / 26.– / 33.–
Price category can be freely selected.
U18: CHF 10.–

School performances on January 18 at 14:00.

2x 20 minutes with a short break.
For all ages 6+.

Shake it, shake it, stretch! Dance yourself warm on Saturday, January 21 15 minutes before the performance at 16:00.

BewegGrund has been staging dance pieces with artists with and without disabilities for many years.
In a collaboration with the Basel choreographer Tabea Martin and the Tabula Musica Orchestra from Bern, BewegGrund presents a two-part program with dance and music.

The dance performance

The short piece “Goodbye Stracciatella” deals with the topic of renunciation and wants to renounce everything itself that is otherwise needed in a performance. But how can that work? What remains to be seen on stage at all? Above all, many questions remain, such as: What do we do without? What can we or do we not want to do without? Does renunciation always go hand in hand with something unpleasant? Or can we also gain something by doing without something?

The work is inspired by Philipp Lepenies’ book “Prohibition and Renunciation”. In it, the author mainly reflects on renunciation at the political level and concludes that ecological transformation will not succeed without renunciation.


The concert

The repertoire of Tabula Musica Orchestra includes various musical genres. Influences of western classical music as well as contemporary electronic and pop music can be heard. Elaborated electronic soundscapes, repetitive patterns and elegant, singing melodies are typical for the Tabula Musica Orchestra. The pieces are arranged especially for the orchestra and the music technology instruments played in it, which significantly contributes to the unique sound of the orchestra.



Für beide Stücke
Produktion: Verein BewegGrund
Technische Leitung & Licht: Barbara Widmer
Künstlerische Leitung Cie BewegGrund: Susanne Schneider
Unterstützt von: Brändli-Stiftung, Burgergemeinde Bern, Kultur Stadt Bern, MBF Foundation, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Stiftung Corymbo, SWISSLOS – Kultur Kanton Bern

Choreografie / Konzept: Tabea Martin
Tanz: Lukas Schwander & Emeric Rabot
Dramaturgie: Moos van den Broek
Kostüme: Yasmin Attar
Photo: Rio Basel

Caroline Komor Müller – piano
Daniela Gschwind – a-sax
Leonie Schaffner – drums
Lorena Dellenbach – keyboard
Lukas Schmidt & Christa Stein – soundbeam
Manuela Zeiter – clarinet
Phillip Fürholz – keyboard
Sebastian Illing – guitar
Olivier Schütz – skoog
Noel Schmidlin – conductor

Arrangements: Denis Huna & Noel Schmidlin

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