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In the workshop, dancers and choreographers from the companies BewegGrund (Switzerland), Danza Mobile (Spain) and tanzbar_bremen (Germany) will present their take on memories, which they used as the inspiration to develop the three dance pieces for their cooperation «Ich war einmal. Nun bin ich.» (I was once. Now I am.)

Using various improvisation techniques, one’s own memories are taken up and physically interpreted and embodied. Choreographic elements from the pieces are also explored in a playfully motivating and engaging manner. We allow our memories to flow freely and to dance.


The workshop is open to all.

Also, we would be delighted if professional dancers were to get involved in the inclusive dance work and to exchange their invaluable knowledge.

BewegGrund | Bern / Switzerland
The BewegGrund association has been promoting inclusive dance for 20 years: combining dancers with and without disabilities. Cie BewegGrund creates professional stage pieces and amateur productions. Through its ongoing work, BewegGrund has achieved national and international recognition and has unique experience and expertise gained in both artistic and educational fields. In their inclusive stage work, the dancers with disabilities offer new role models and question the myth of the perfect body, which still dominates dance and the performing arts to this day.

Danza Mobile | Seville / Spain
Since 2001, Compañía Danza Mobile has been part of the Danza Mobile Centre, which has been actively supporting the personal development and participation of people with disabilities in the arts, society and working life since 1995. Danza Mobile cooperates with artists, institutions and professionals of various kinds in national and international performing arts and trains people with disabilities as interpreters.

tanzbar_bremen | Bremen / Germany
At the tanzbar_bremen association, the focus is on strengthening contemporary dance through an inclusive principle. Those involved in the project create dance productions for stage and public spaces, hold regular training, workshop and mediation events and have been busy organising the biennial international festival of inclusive dance art eigenART since 2009. At tanzbar_bremen, artists with various skills work together, develop unique dance languages and interdisciplinary art formats, thereby opening up new aesthetic qualities and innovative approaches to dance. Through projects such as KompeTanz (2015-2018) and connect (2018- 2021), tanzbar_bremen creates jobs in the cultural sector for people with and without disabilities.

Foto: Nicole Pfister, Thore Kohl.