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“The question is not whether astrology is real or not. It’s whether the implications are real.”
“Co-Star” founder Guler

Astrology is a doctrine that assumes a fateful influence of the heavenly bodies (planets, signs of the zodiac, comet movements) on individual human beings, their life plan, human society and the entire earthly nature. People have always had the desire to be able to explain their confused strokes of fate – to give them a meaning. In doing so, they turned their gaze to the shining stars of the night sky from an early age. To look for the reasons for what happens to one in life in the orbits of the heavenly bodies is nothing new.

Starting from self-experiments, in which the two performers apply astrological techniques to strokes of fate and turning points in their own lives, they also try to find an active way of dealing with and setting themselves apart from their birth charts, in which their lives already seem to be unalterably mapped out. They complete and document astrological sessions, write and overwrite their own horoscopes, write songs about the ambiguity of astrology and question their own role in it. They seek translations for astronomical processes, force relationships and constellations with and within their own bodies.

photo credits: Tom Weilguny

What is a Sharing?

Dampfzentrale Bern enables local, national and international artists to take up residencies in order to develop their work and make new contacts. They have the opportunity to show excerpts from their production process in the context of public rehearsals. The insight into their artistic work and the sharing of their work status is called Sharing. Sharing is moderated by the Dampfzentrale team and is intended to promote exchange between artists and the public.

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