Bodies float through space in a wave-like motion or transform into plant-like beings. The audience delves into an underwater world in which time seems to stand still. But the motion continues, figurative texts accompany the fantasy high up in the mountains and yet further into the whispering airs. Through a combination of dance, video, text and live music, «Amphibious» takes you on a journey into near-natural conditions and worlds.

The starting point was underwater images from William Speakman’s video installation «Zoetwaterwereld». Crawling, creeping, hatching, wriggling, drifting and floating organisms of all kinds move across the screen. While watching, the mind comes to rest, a state between dream world and reality sets in, which opens up the senses.

Texts by Manuela Imperatori, projected as written sentences, create a further level of design and meaning. The space between the lines of Imperatori’s texts amplifies the space for dance, music and video, giving them a narrative voice. The reference to the «I» in the texts turns the audience members into direct confidants and focuses their attention on their own associations and their own physical and spatial perception.


Choreografie: Sabine Hausherr mit den Performerinnen
Performance: Jenni Arne, Gianna Grünig, Sabine Hausherr, Manuela Imperatori, Laura Imperiali, Vera Ilona Stierli
Video: William Speakman
Text: Manuela Imperatori
live Musik: Lisa Hasler
Lichtkonzept: Max Hampel
Technik: Daniel Tschanz

Förder*innen: Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung / Swisslos-Kanton Bern / Kultur Stadt Bern / Burgergemeinde Bern / Pannart / Bürgi-Willert-Stiftung / Reitschule Bern
Foto: Raphael Zubler