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Language: German
Duration: 30 minutes
No admission fee

What is a Torten-Talk?

It is probably more relaxed and easier to chat about certain topics with a piece of sweet, sticky-soft cake in your mouth. Seeing as eating a slice of cake properly takes a certain amount of attentiveness, any self-censorship might be put on hold as a result. On the steps leading to the Turbinensaal, affectionately referred to as «the cake» at Dampfzentrale, two people meet up for a conversation over cake. The activist, cultural manager and performer Martin Schick talks about the «potential for activism in dances of unrest». Needless to say, there will also be cake. 

Martin Schick has invited Simona Travaglianti as a guest.
She is project manager and member of the management of Reso (Réseau Danse Suisse). Together they will talk about the concept of freedom, participation and support structures in dance creation.

Martin Schick

Martin Schick is a freelance performance artist, cultural manager and activist. After a short career as a dancer, he studied theatre and performance at Bern University of the Arts and has been shaping performing arts in Switzerland since graduating in 2007. Martin says: «While treating the arts as a place of permanent transformation and a potential engine of social change, my practice is always driven by an activist position within a specific context». In 2019, he was awarded the Liechti Prize for his commitment to the performing arts. Since September 2023, he has been hosting his dance series «Wild Card» at Dampfzentrale every Sunday. 


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