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Language: German
Duration: 30 minutes

It is probably more relaxed and easier to chat about certain topics with a piece of sweet, sticky-soft cake in your mouth. Seeing as eating a slice of cake properly takes a certain amount of attentiveness, any self-censorship might be put on hold as a result. On the steps leading to the Turbinensaal, affectionately referred to as «the cake» at Dampfzentrale, two people meet up for a conversation over cake. Marlene Wenger, curator for contemporary digital art, talks to the chatbot ChatGPT about whether AI has a body and can dance. Needless to say, there will also be cake.

Marlene Wenger

Bern-based curator Marlene Wenger is interested in how digital technologies influence contemporary art. Her PhD project focussed on post-digital artistic practices in physical and virtual spaces. After working for Art Basel Unlimited and Migros Museum for Contemporary Art in Zurich, she is currently employed as a curatorial assistant at Kunstmuseum Bern. Marlene’s favourite cake is lemon tart.

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