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The festival Tanz in Bern is cancelled!

Dampfzentrale and all theatres in the canton of Bern will be shut down until the 23rd of November. This includes the cancellation of all performances.

We were looking forward to our yearly ray of light and to getting together with you, our audience. Until the last possible moment we were hoping that Tanz in Bern could happen. «Dear Darkness» caught up with us on the evening before the opening. 

Further information will follow at a later stage. 

Women get inked and ink! What for some people is a tolerable pain is for other people an incomprehensible piece of body art.
After the first Swiss edition of «INK ABOUT IT! », the feminist-anti-racist tattoo meeting at last year’s «Tanz in Bern», artists are once again picking up their machines. The mini convention in the Kesselhaus features numerous tattoo artists, including Hanadi from Hamburg, Susann from Leipzig and Flurina, Anni and Gina from Zurich. They use their artwork to transform bodies in an environment above and beyond run-of-the-mill tattoo fairs, in a queer-feminist atmosphere. Only what really matters becomes deeply ingrained into your skin here.

And remember that only pre-designed tattoos are available. Visitors can have their favourite designs inked without prior appointment.

Part of the proceeds of the tattoo will be donated to the Frauenhaus Bern.




Due to the quarantine conditions Hanadi is unfortunately not able to attend INK ABOUT IT!. We are happy that the event will take place anyway.





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