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Shoes off, forget the daily life, body on.

Experience movements from the vibrant choreography «how a falling star lit up the purple sky» on your own body and learn more about the background of the dance performance. Under the guidance of dancer Pascale Altenburger, you’ll then start the evening warmed up and especially well prepared.

For all. No registration or previous experience necessary.

Pascale Altenburger

At the age of 4, Pascale started classical ballet at the Bern Conservatory. Soon, however, she became interested in other dance styles such as jazz, modern, salsa and African dance. After a long stay abroad in New York City, she discovered her great passion, Hip Hop dance with all its facets and variations. Back in Switzerland she started teaching herself and still does. Pascale was a member of the following dance companies: “fufuru” (Afro-Carribbean Dance Company), L.E.S (Modern/ Jazz company), redbeans’n’ rice (Hiphop Streetdance company), Slick Minority (artist network). With her sister she currently leads the “Dash Dance Company”.

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