Péter Eötvös is one of the most famous contemporary composers. Eötvös has created a new, chamber music setting for his celebrated and much-performed opera “Lady Sarashina” (premiere 2008) especially for the HKB. At the beginning of April, he will oversee the first rehearsals with this setting. The sound world of this piece combines radio drama, cartoon soundtracks, electronic sound transformations, ambient sound, and acoustic art, as well as film and theatre music. The play is staged by Kami Wilhelmina Manns and the VERTIGO ensemble is directed by Lennart Dohms. The young up-and-coming soprano Erika Baikoff is not to be missed as Lady Sarashina, and other roles are played by vocals students from the Swiss Opera Studio HKB.


Musik: Peter Eötvös. Libretto: Mari Mezei. Arrangement: Gregory Vajda. Musikalische Leitung: Lennart Dohms. Regie und Bühnenausstattung: Kami Wilhelmina Manns. Lichtdesign: Susanne Auffermann. Leitung Tontechnik: Beat Müller. Lady Sarashina: Erika Baikoff. In weiteren Rollen: Gesangsstudierende des Schweizerischen Opernstudios HKB, Yuka Masuno, Rira Kim, Louise Mary Martyn, Katarina Brenčič, Marlena Thiele, Réka Szabó, Paola Alcocer, Kristýna Hablova, Roxane Choux, Paweł Ślusarz, Salvador Pérez, Marek Pavlícek.

Gruppenfoto: HKB / Ramona Picenoni
Erika Baikoff: HKB / Paradise is here / Ben Zurbriggen