Phoenix Dance Theatre and ensemble proton bern are delighted to announce the R&D sharing of «Kirke – The First Witch», a new full immersive experience about witches, sorcery and magic. A cross-cultural celebration of world rituals and ancient ceremonies, where sound and movements are in constant interaction.

In this innovative piece of live music and dance theatre, a new choreography by Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Sandrine Monin meets the bespoke soundscape by composer Roberto David Rusconi, performed by ensemble proton bern. «Kirke – The First Witch» explores society’s hidden primordial fears and creates a timeless ceremonial place for the audience to get lost into.

Free entrance. To attend the sharing, please RSVP to: ambra(at)


ensemble proton bern / conductor: Matthias Kuhn. flute: Bettina Berger. lupophone: Martin Bliggenstorfer. clarinet: Miao Zhao. contraforte: Elise Jacoberger. harp: Vera Schnider. keyboard: Samuel Fried. violin: Maximilian Haft. violoncello: Jan-Filip Ťupa.

Phoenix Dance Theater / dancer: Michael Marquez, Carlos J Martinez, Vanessa Vince Pang, Natalie Alleston. Music & Concept: Roberto David Rusconi. Dramaturgy: Marcos Mariz. Choreography: Sandrine Monin.