Milieu tells the tale of two creatures, a bird and a ghost, of how they live together in a common habitat and of their adventures full of surprises and uncertainties. It is the story of friendship between these two creatures, their joyful discovery of the world, their fears and of how they help each other develop. Through their dances and songs, the bird and the ghost invite us to break out of our normative and hierarchical view of the world and to enter a world of togetherness. They take us along different paths: how can we be attentive, how can we listen and how can we respond compassionately to what surrounds us?

Association Fréquence Moteur

Choreographer Valentine Paley of the group Association Fréquence Moteur works closely with other artists to create dance pieces, performances and installations that can be experienced in both theatres and public spaces. She explores collective ways of working and likes to share her idea of the stage as a place where objects and utensils but also impressions and sensations can be envisaged and created.


Concept and Choreography: Valentine Paley
Choreography and Performance: Sarah Bucher, Yann Hunziker
Set Design: Adrien Chevalley
Musical Composition: Nicholas Stücklin
Set Construction: Adrien Moretti
Dramaturgy: Muriel Imbach
Choreographic Assistance: Élodie Aubonney
Costumes: Safia Semlali
Vocal Training: An Chen
Technical Direction and Lighting Design: Mikaël Rochat
Administration and Production Management: Emma Ducommun
Production Management and Distribution: Thomas Péronnet

Co-produced with
kicks! Festival Bern, FIT Festival, LAC Lugano, Théâtre Oriental-Vevey

Tour Dates
Théâtre Oriental-Vevey:
04.05. – 08.05.2022
LAC Lugano / FIT Festival:
30.09. – 09.10.2022