WORKSHOP mit Gyula Cserepes

zu Jozsef Trefelis und Gabor Vargas «CREATURE»

„Rhythm is a universal language that every living being can understand.” (Gyula Cserepes)

During the workshop we will focus on the words of this language – the beats. “Drawing teeth” of the folklore, we will mix some elements of traditional dances (mainly body percussion) with the principals of contemporary dance practice in order to get familiar with these “words” and begin embodying rhythm. As the beats prevail our bodies, we will be moving with more and more ease and agility, like a lizard. Playful tasks with a partner and in smaller groups will help us to establish the connection and focus between us, allowing us to enter a “rhythmic dialogue”. The workshop improves co-ordination and motoric skills, enriching the movement vocabulary and personal repertory of the participants. We will consciously practice to isolate the movements of the different body parts from one another. Thereby – beyond the unique technique itself – we will also practice arriving to here and now: the freedom of being in the present moment. It’s only a small jump from here to become able to use the music, instead of the music driving us.


Gyula Cserepes is a dancer, performer and choreographer, originating from Becej, Vojvodina, Serbia, ex-member of the companies «Central-Europa Dance Theater» (HU) and «En-Knap Group» (SLO). He studied at the High-school of Folk Arts and the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, in Budapest. Among other teachers, dancers, directors and choreographers, he worked with David Zambrano, Anton Lachky, Milan Tomašik, Simone Sandroni. His work as a choreographer includes the interdisciplinary, site-specific performance «Revive the Castle», and the performances New Age Gypsies” and “Bridge” premiered in Volksroom, Brussels in November 2013 and «Selfy» premiered in January 2016, toured in Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia. Since 2013 Gyula collaborates with the Geneva based Compagnie Jozsef Trefeli. With the performances «JINX 103», «Creature» and «UP».


Creature ist ein Stück über Herkunft: biografisch, ethnografisch, soziokulturell oder äthetisch – whatever! Jozsef Trefeli und Gabor Varga spannen den Bogen von der archaischen Exotik traditioneller Volkstäze zu der Sprachenvielfalt zeitgenösischer Choreografie. Das Resultat: eine üerraschende Performance, voller verrükter Energie, kräftig und doch etwas ironisch, mit einem Hang zum dadaistischen Kabaret.