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House of B Poderosa

Auch dieses Jahr findet in der Dampfzentrale Bern wieder ein Event der lokalen Ballroom-Szene statt. Der Kiki-Ball steht unter dem Motto «Shapeshifting» und bietet viele spannende Kategorien für Anfänger*innen und Fortgeschrittene.

Wenn du dich bereit fühlst, kannst du in einer oder mehreren Kategorien antreten und dich von den renommierten Juror*innen beurteilen lassen.

Tropikahl B. Poderosa (St. Laurent)
Eshu 007 (St. Laurent)
Kenjii Juicy Couture (Gorgeous Gucci)
Tokyo Phoenix (Revlon)
Alex 007 (Mugler)

Order to be announced

Beginners Runway – Vampire Empire (OTA)
Sharpen your teeth, it’s gonna get pointy. Be on fleek with your outfit in the spirit of the majestic creatures of the shadow and the night. Show decadence and royalty as a vampire.

Fashion Killa – Camouflage Chameleon (OTA)
Embody the elusive and colorshifting chameleon and come in different hues of camouflage. Start by blending in with a camouflage outfit then bring a colorful reveal.

Beginners Performance – Wavy Waters (OTA)
Water is a master of shape shifting. Bring it wet and wavy with your water inspired look. Show us that you know the elements of vogue and impress the judges with your water bending abilities.
(Don’t bring actual water!)

Arms Control vs. Hands Performance – Operation Octopussy (OTA)
Show us with your two arms that you can keep up with the octopussy energy. Fascinate us with your cunt energy and astonishing coordination. Bring it in orange gloves for arms control and green for hands performance!

Lip Sync – Singing Sirens (OTA)
Sirens shape shift and sing to attract their victims. For this category you are our siren by lip synching perfectly whilst shape shifting effortlessly to perform both parts of the duets.
Rumors by Lizzo ft. Cardi B
Deja vu by Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z
Stay by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko
Finals: Ain`t no mountain high enough by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Vogue Femme – Wavering Winds (OTA)
Show us that you are the wind of change by effortlessly shifting from one element to the other. Whether you are soft like a breeze or twirl like a tornado, bring a fan (mandatory for the tens) and show us that you are the true air bender.

Old Way vs. New Way – Pretentious Plant (OTA)
Whether your movements are more inspired by bamboos or ivy vines, pick your lines or show us your flexibility. Come and bloom on the runway and serve us verdurous vogue. Bring it with a plant pattern.

Bizarre – Bizarre Beasts (OTA)
Show us the most bizarre creature anyone could ever shapeshift into. There are only two conditions: your creature can’t already exist and they must have more or less than two legs.

Musical Chairs – Circling Carousel (OTA)
Sometimes presenting as your true self in our society is the biggest act of shapeshifting you can do. For this round of musical chairs come as you are. For each round the commentator draws one element of vogue out of their hat and you got to perform it until the music stops. Whoever doesn’t manage to snatch a chair is out.

Shake Dat Ass – Biting Booty (OTA)
Show us how you can roll your body and shake your booty like a dangerous rattlesnake as you bring your most viperous, venomous, and curvaceous moves. Bring it with a snake print.
Sex Siren – Mesmerizing Merfolk (trans and enby only)
Merfolk are the most irresistible shapeshifters : they always get what and who they want. Like merfolk, mesmerize the judges with your captivating charm, wearing shiny scales and casting your very own powerful spells.

Make Up – Cocky Peacock (OTA)
Peacocks are the OGs of a quick transformation in the bird kingdom, always ready to woo the world with their magnificent tail. Get inspired by their height, grace, iridescence and shimmer, and show off with feathers!

Ballroom-Kultur ist eine einzigartige Subkultur von BIPOC, Queer und Trans Menschen, die in den 70er- und 80er-Jahren in New York entstanden ist.

Wir lieben unsere Gemeinschaft und bitten dich um einen reflektierten Umgang mit Privilegien und unserer Gemeinschaft während dem Event.

Eintritt frei.
Queersicht Party im Gaskessel ist die Afterparty des Kiki-Balls.

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