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What does beading have to do with feminism? The power of connecting across national and cultural boundaries. A conversation about feminist alliances, privilege, and connectedness.

18.00- 18.30 Physical warm up with Donya Speaks

18.30- 20.30 Beading workshop with Aline Amike and talk with cultural scientist Hannan Salamat.

Hannan Salamat is a cultural and religious scholar. She is co-founder and curator of the Munich art festival «AusARTen – Perspective Change through Art» and subject leader Islam at the Zurich Institute for Interreligious Dialogue. Hannan Salamat advocates for plural perspectives in society and lectures, moderates and gives workshops on Islam, diversity, feminism and anti-racism. Salamat is a member of CPPD – The Coalition of Pluralistic Public Discourse network.

Aline Amike is an actress, model, poet and founder of the fashion label Ami!ke. She studied English Literature in Ghana and worked in Accra for Debonair Magazine, Free the Youth fashion label and Senabryte, among others. Her main practice is «beading»: making accessories and garments out of beads. Through it, she communicates content and understands the meditative work not only as a craft, but as a philosophy of life. The fragile beads are connected in the «beading» to a strong net, which can absorb and catch things.

Die Residenz, ein Exploriment

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