20:30 Andrina Bollinger
21:30 WIRREN


From concept to improvisation and intoxication:

WIRREN wants to turn unrest into a rallying cry.

With tumult, coarseness, chaos, noise.

With excitement and commotion.

The new ensemble led by Zurich-based artist Dave Eleanor explores the social hullabaloo, while utilising it to develop musical parameters. The quintet WIRREN commences its journey into the unknown at Dampfzentrale. What this residence really means for space, music and audiences will develop and evolve and be given its first performance right here in Bern.

Tizia Zimmermann: Drones
Tapiwa Svosve: Drones
Michael Haudenschild: Drones
Nicolas Stocker: Drones
Dave Eleanor: Drones

Andrina Bollinger_DZ_Beitragsbild

The singer, composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist Andrina Bollinger is not afraid to explore the boundaries between pop, chamber music, jazz and electronic music and to work with contrasts. As a soloist, she generates a multi-layered sound spectrum of poetic, complex song structures and melodic experimentation. «A voice with such urgency and persuasiveness as that of Andrina Bollinger is rarely found in Switzerland, where restraint is seen as a virtue.» (Aargauer Zeitung)