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Tickets available via auawirleben.

Film version for home
MI 10-SUN 21.5.

During auawirleben we will also show online the digital version of “The Making of Pinocchio”. This is not just a recording of the stage version, but a congenial play with split screens, cinematic perspectives, close-ups and cuts.

On 11.5. with English audio description and tactile introduction. Both screenings are Relaxed Performances. More information here. 

Duration: 1h 30min

Language: English with descriptive English and German surtitles.

After the performance on Wed 10.5.23 there will be a shuttle to the festival opening at the festival center.


Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill use the story of Pinocchio to guide us through their work process, their relationship, and Ivor’s gender transition. Pinocchio’s desire to become a “real boy” and his adventurous journey serve as a witty metaphor for their queer realities of life. That they make them visible is as important as ever. They write, “We feel a great urgency to make unapologetically celebratory and complex works by and for trans people that also resonate strongly with a broader audience. We live in a time when transgender and gender-expansive lifestyles are gaining unprecedented visibility, and with that comes toxic fear-mongering that endangers the rights of trans people and threatens the health and well-being of the queer community.”

Cade & MacAskill work both as a duo and each on their own projects, which fall somewhere between performance, queer cabaret, and social practice, always with a great sense of humor and a great passion for the concerns and culture of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Simply put
Ivor has undergone gender reassignment surgery to become a man. He is in a relationship with Rosana. The play tells of what they have experienced with a lot of humor. Their story has similarities to the story of Pinocchio.


Von: Rosana Cade, Ivor MacAskill
Mit: Rosana Cade, Ivor MacAskill, Jo Hellier, Tim Spooner
Bühne, Kostüme, Requisiten: Tim Spooner
Sound Design: Yas Clarke
Lichtdesign: Jo Palmer
Film & Kamera: Kirstin McMahon, Jo Hellier
Outside Eye: Nic Green
Bewegungscoach: Eleanor Perry
Übertitelung: Kollektivtext von Emilia Beatriz, Daniel Hughes mit Rosana Cade, Yas Clarke, Ivor MacAskill und Jamie Rea
Produktionsleitung: Sorcha Stott-Strzala
Produktion: Nora Laraki für Artsadmin 

Im Auftrag von: Fierce Festival, Kampnagel, Tramway, VIERNULVIER

Mit der Unterstützung von: Attenborough Centre of the Arts, Battersea Arts Centre und LIFT


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