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The entry to the sharing is free of charge.

Duration: 60 minutes plus optional time for exchange and feedback

squeeze is an immersive choreographic work by Tyra Wigg, featuring five performers, one sound designer and masses of thick, sensual textile. In line with Tyra’s interest in fusing therapeutic and embodied performative practices, squeeze explores «orthopedic touch» – the type of interpersonal touch commonly used in massage therapy. Through choreographic scores, the orthopedic touch is altered from a practice that is only sensed between giver and receiver, into being emphatically contaminating and aesthetically seductive for large audiences.

After two residency weeks at Dampfzentrale, Tyra Wigg and their team would like to invite you to share this early stage of the work with them.

What is the purpose of a sharing?

Artists who spend a residency at the Dampfzentrale Bern have the option of a Sharing. Sharings are public rehearsals where artists meet an interested audience. They offer the public an insight into the creative processes of artists. For their part, the artists use the Sharing to show interested parties what they are currently working on and what keeps them busy in an uncomplicated setting. The Dampfzentrale team discusses the Sharing with the artists in advance and moderates it.

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