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Sharing: Olivia Ronzani

Twenty years ago, Olivia Ronzani inherited the sewing box of her late grandmother – a fashion designer, mother, wife, and second-generation Italian in Switzerland. With this and private family film footage from the 1940s and 1950s, she reconstructs her nonna’s image, which is marked by voids and contradictions. Navigating between past and present, she uses body, language, objects and video projection to deconstruct a possible image of women that reflects her grandmother from today’s perspective. Playing with inherited female attributes, absence and presence, she searches for her own identity. The remembering, projecting, unravelling and liquefying of inherited and present identity is made physically tangible.

What is the purpose of a Sharing?
Artists who spend a residency at the Dampfzentrale Bern have the option of a Sharing. Sharings are public rehearsals where artists meet an interested audience. They offer the public an insight into the creative processes of artists. For their part, the artists use the Sharing to show interested parties what they are currently working on and what keeps them busy in an uncomplicated setting. The Dampfzentrale team discusses the Sharing with the artists in advance and moderates it.


Konzept, Performance: Olivia Ronzani 
Video, Projection Mapping: Robin Nidecker
Sound: Lukas Stäuble
künstlerische Mitarbeit: Camilla Parini 
künstlerische Mitarbeit: Anna Renner 
Bühne, Kostüm: Junda Natascha Dietze
Licht, Technik: Max Windisch-Spoerk
Produktionsleitung: Luisa Cadonau 
produziert von Landholz Productions 
in Koproduktion mit Theater Roxy Birsfelden und Schalchthaustheater Bern
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