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In the research project SILENT TOUCH, AGILITY OF FEAR, artist Natascha Moschini examines the cathartic potential of classic horror stories. Do they intimidate us or do they hold transformative power for our daily dealings with fear?

On one evening, Natascha opens her laboratory to those interested. She shares first research results and invites to exchange about them.


What is the purpose of a Sharing?
Artists who spend a residency at the Dampfzentrale Bern have the option of a Sharing. Sharings are public rehearsals where artists meet an interested audience. They offer the public an insight into the creative processes of artists. For their part, the artists use the Sharing to show interested parties what they are currently working on and what keeps them busy in an uncomplicated setting. The Dampfzentrale team discusses the Sharing with the artists in advance and moderates it.


Natascha Moschini (*1982) studied contemporary dance in Antwerp, Performance Studies in Hamburg and Contemporary Arts Practice in Bern. She is interested in the ethics, aesthetics and politics of the human body. In her choreographic and visual works, she addresses social power structures and exposes relationships of dependency. Her observations show analytical acumen and are characterised by a high sensitivity for tensions. Uncovering grievances and decoding and recoding them are core aspects of her work. At times, she takes these utopian re-codings outside her artistic practice into new research constellations. For example, she is part of the danse et dramaturgie support programme 2019/2020 and the handle with care laboratory in the national network of theatres Gessnerallee Zurich, Dampfzentrale & Schlachthaus Bern, Theater Chur, Vidy Lausanne, Theatre Saint Gervais Geneva, FIT Festival Lugano & Kaserne Basel.

New spaces of possibility and experiments of thought characterise an essential approach in all her work processes. With curiosity, she immerses herself in performances and dance pieces throughout Europe. Reflectively, she likes to accompany other artists in their work or to engage in intensive artistic dialogue with them. As a performer, Natascha Moschini has appeared and performed with Tino Sehgal, Isabel Lewis, Boris Nikitin and Cosima Grand. Natascha Moschini was Artist in Residence at Espace Libre in 2019 and Associated Artist at Dampfzentrale in Bern in 2020/2021. Since this spring, Natascha Moschini has been involved with the COMMON UTOPIA project together with Nicki Liszta for fair and sustainable work structures.


Photo and video: Nico Wöhrle 

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