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price per concert CHF 25.- (inkl. Shuttle)

duration of the concert: 30 minutes.

ticket reservation:

Please indicate number of tickets and choice of concert (18:15 or 19:15). Tickets can be paid on the spot in cash or via Twint (no card payment!).

Meeting point is at 17:45 (for the 18:15 concert) or 18:45 (for the 19:15 concert) at the train station in Düdingen (Canton Fribourg).

Transportation from the station to the Magdalena-Einsiedelei and back is included in the ticket price and organized by Bad Bonn.

After the concerts there will be a bar in the garden of the Einsiedelei.

Rea Dubach, Catia Lanfranchi and Antonina Nowacka present two exclusive acoustic concerts for a limited number of visitors in the Magdalena hermitage at Lake Schiffenen near Düdingen (Canton Fribourg).

Sedimented lines in million-year-old seafloor become mountain, become clay silt, awaken in the open air.
 What previously lay dormant below has rolled over – and soil became mountain, to later turn face again.
 And its massive movement in space layers light and frequency over time and becomes palpable to the skin.
 A sound body of three voices blading the air, carrying the bottom up and the top down. In the stone walls, the voices reflect and vibrate, swaying up and sliding down, in a cyclical movement in space.
 A sonic digging in the slate.

Commissioned by Patrick Müller, Kulturprozent Migros Zürich

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