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Tickets 19.- / 26.- / 33.-
Preiskategorie frei wählbar
Kulturlegi: 15.- (nur Abendkasse)
Weitere Ticketinfos (U18, Kultur-GA, Rollstuhlplätze)
It is important to have a secret, a premonition of unknown things. Human beings must feel that they are living in a mysterious world in some respect: that inexplicable things are happening and being experienced. Only then will life be complete. (CJ)

The third creation of the dancer and choreographer Géraldine Chollet is inspired by the tradition of medieval Mystery plays and ancestral folk rituals. A theatre of religious or profane subjects, performed on trestles and mixing the supernatural and the realistic. The choreographer proposes here to open a dialogue with the mysteries that surround us in order to explore the relationship between «what has been given to us» and «what we will leave behind» . Recognizing what we have, assuming what we lack, celebrating what may come.


Concept and choreography: Géraldine Chollet
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers: Eléonore Heiniger, Mélissa Guex, Bastien Hippocrate, Elodie Aubonney
Substitute dancers: Maïté Minh Tham Jeannolin, David Zagari
Creation assistant and Creature: Patrick Mangold
Sound creation: Renée Van Trier
Composition and sound engineer: Raphaël Raccuia
Lights and scenography: Sven Kreter
Technical director: Céline Ribeiro
Costums: Scilla Llardo
Administration and production: Laetitia Albinati
Distribution and artistic development: oh la la – performing arts production

The base step we use in the piece is coming from a traditional middle eastern dance called DABKE. A special Thanks to the Palestinian dancers who have inspired us.



Théâtre Sévelin 36

With the support of
– Ville de Lausanne
– Loterie Romande
– Fondation Nestlé pour l’art
– Ernst Goehner Stiftung
– Fondation Casino Barrière de Montreux

– Programmers’ Fund of Reso – Dance Network Switzerland

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