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Tickets via auawirleben

Duration: 1h 10min

Language: English

Accessibility: with childcare during the performance on 13.5. at 18:00. More informations here. 

On 13.5. there is the possibility of childcare during the performance at 18:00 (from kindergarten age). Pastaplausch in the restaurant Marzilibrücke with supervision, price: 15.- (children’s menu incl. drink). Registration and further information:


Anyone who looks at what all happens at the moment of birth, as we are doing at auawirleben this year, must also look at the counterpart: What happens when someone dies? How do we say goodbye and what projection surfaces do we need then?

With “Funeral” Ontroerend Goed offers us a collective ritual about transience. It is a theatrical celebration in which you decide for yourself whether it should be a moment of pause and your own reflection for you personally, or whether you want to enjoy above all the shared (theatrical) moment with the rest of the audience. Or maybe you manage to indulge in both in equal measure – just like at a successful funeral.

The Belgian theater group Ontroerend Goed is already almost a regular at
auawirleben. And again and again they surprise us with new formats, be it with participatory playful productions like “A Game of You” or “£¥€$” or with stage plays like “History of Everything” or “Sirens”. This year Ontroerend Goed is part of Bring a Friend as a nominating group.

Simply said
Nothing and no one stays forever. We always have to say goodbye. The group Ontroerend Goed invites the audience to join them in a celebration of goodbyes.


Regie: Alexander Devriendt
Mit: Karolien De Bleser, Charlotte De Bruyne, Josse
De Pauw, Julia Ghysels, Aurélie Lannoy, David Roos, Angelo Tijssens, Ayoub Sadik, Somalia Williamson, Prince K. Appiah, Sophie-Anna Veelenturf
Musik: Joris Blanckaert
Kostümdesign: Element (Katrien Baetsle & Eline Willemarck), Charlotte Goethals
Lichtdesign: Sarah Feyen
Technik: Sarah Feyen, Lucas Van de Voorde, Pepijn Mesure
Bühne: Ian Gyselinck, Sam Declercq, Vincent Malstaf
Requisiten: Angelo Tijssens
Grafik: Nick Mattan
Rechercheassistenz: Remi Cosijn
Produktion: Charlotte Nyota Bischop, Ode Windels

Koproduktion: DE SINGEL International Arts Centre, VIERNULVIER, LOD Muziektheater, Theatre Royal Plymouth, Le MAIF Social Club Paris, La Rose des Vents, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Perpodium

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