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Tickets via auawirleben. 

Duration: 1h 20min

Language: French with English and descriptive German surtitles.

Accessibility: on 20.5. with audio description and tactile introduction. This performance is a Relaxed Performance.
More information here.

On 20.5. there will be a discussion afterwards.


Michel sits on a tree stump in the forest and listens to what Taylor has to say about the last two years. Michel has just been to a Deep Mindfulness workshop in the future. Oh yes, the play is set in the future. Taylor tells his story with the help of a little device called the Mnemoprojector, which allows him to project memories. As I said, future, that is.

Theater maker Antoine Defoort was fascinated by the idea as a phenomenon in itself as a starting point for this production. What is our relationship to ideas? Once an idea exists, it can have an autonomous life, so to speak. Antoine states:

“One of the proofs that ideas live like autonomous creatures is that you can’t kill them easily. They will defend themselves and some of them have pretty good defenses. One of the only ways to kill an idea is to forget about it. The tricky thing is, when you actively kill one, you think about it even more and that makes it stronger. That’s kind of cool, but also pretty scary. Some ideas can be pretty dangerous, after all.”

Antoine Defoort won over the 2019 aua audience with “Un Faible Degré d’Originalité” with his unique blend of theory (then the dry subject of copyright) and childishly wry humor This year, Antoine Defoort is nominating artist for Bring a Friend.

Simply put
“Elles Vivent” is a funny piece about memories and ideas. A couple of friends meet in the woods to test a special device that can see memories. In the process, they experience some confusion and come to new realizations.


Konzept: Antoine Defoort
Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Lorette Moreau
Mit: Sofia Teillet, Alexandre Le Nours, Antoine Defoort, Arnaud Boulogne
Technikmanagement: Simon Stenmans
Sound Design: Mélodie Souquet
Komposition: Lieven Dousselaere
Szenografie: Marie Szersnovicz
Produktionsleitung: Célestine Dahan, Alice Broyelle, Thomas Riou
Outside Eye: Stephanie Brotchie
DIY: Sébastien Vial, Vincent Tandonnet
Entwicklung des Reformroboters fliflifli: Kevin Matagne
Logomorphe Beratung: Spirit of the Forest
Diffusion: Claire Girod
Produktion: L’Amicale

Koproduktion: Le Phénix scène Nationale Valenciennes, Teatro Nacional D.Maria II, Atelier 210 Bruxelles, Le CENTQUATREPARIS, Malraux. scène nationale Chambéry, Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg, Le Bateau Feu, VIERNULVIER, Le VIVAT, Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Scène nationale Carré, Bordeaux Métropole, La Rose des Vent

Unterstützt von: Théâtre de Poche, Kunstencentrum Buda

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