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Tickets 25.- / 30.- / 35.-
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Kulturlegi: 15.- (only at the door)
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Already bought tickets can be given back and will be reinbursed.

20:00 Türöffnung / pr1nc1p3ss4, DJ set
21:00 Pelada
22:00 LYZZA
23:00 pr1nc1p3ss4, DJ set


Inspired by Björk, Arca and the late pop producer SOPHIE, LYZZA has always been drawn to music that defies boundaries. The Brazilian-born singer and producer’s edgy pop tunes anchor in club music and hip-hop, but are especially permeable to contemporary South American music like reggaeton. For a time, LYZZA served as Mykki Blanco’s tour DJ. Her vinyl debut as a solo artist last year was released on Ninja Tune’s Big Dada label, which also released Kae Tempest’s debut.



Pelada, the duo of singer Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman, broke out of Montreal’s underground warehouse rave scene in 2014 after uploading tracks to Soundcloud that caught the attention of the global dance music scene. They spent the next five years touring the globe extensively before signing to Berlin-based experimental label PAN in 2019 and releasing their debut LP Movimiento Para Cambio. Their collaboration is a blend of haunting Spanish-language vocals centered around themes of power, control, and social justice, and hardware samplers, synthesizers, and drum machines. This unique sound has led them to perform in many different contexts; whether it be on entire tours opening for more traditional punk bands like Iceage and Shame, or at peak times in techno clubs like Berghain. The second album is on the way and will be released soon on PAN as well.

pr1nc1p3ss4 (DJ)

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