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Tickets 25.- / 30.- / 40.-
Price category freely selectable
Kulturlegi: 16.- (box office only)
Further ticket information (U18, cultural GA, wheelchair spaces)


20:00 Doors / TH€€ PH¥SICAL, DJ set
21:00 Lol K
22:00 Ziúr feat Elvin Brandhi, Iceboy Violet, Sander Houtkruijer
23:00 TH€€ PH¥SICAL, DJ set


Berlin-based producer and experimental musician Ziúr presents her latest album «Eyeroll» - a dense and energetic trip full of musical collaborations, where moods and musical styles are built up and constantly deconstructed again. A hybrid live version of Eyeroll awaits us at Dampfzentrale, where Ziúr teams up with visual artist Sander Houtkruijer, musician Elvin Brandhi and MC Iceboy Violet. The duo Lol K from London plays experimental noise pop and presents music from their as yet unreleased album.

Ziúr feat. Elvin Brandhi, Iceboy Violet, Sander Houtkruijer

Ziúr’s music has always challenged the status quo. Since 2010, she has repeatedly succeeded in putting her own stamp on so-called «deconstructed club music». Currently, her musical work is more difficult to categorise than ever before. On the album Eyeroll, released in mid-2023, she collaborates with Elvin Brandhi, Abdullah Miniawy, Iceboy Violet, Juliana Huxtable, James Ginzburg from Emptyset and Ledef and fuses raw fragments of jazz, punk, sacred music and weird, modern club. In her live show, she will perform alongside visual artist Sander Houtkruijer, who has already developed the imaginative videos for Eyeroll, Welsh experimental lyricist, producer and sound artist Elvin Brandhi and rapper Iceboy Violet from Manchester.

Lol K

Lol K is the duo of Junior XL and CJ Calderwood (part of Good Sad Happy Bad, among others). Their first album The Breeze is a meticulous, dense and idiosyncratic mix of UK drill, pop, dub, punk, garage, folk and 2-step. It includes guest contributions from LA Timpa and Coby Sey. Beneath the tension-building strings and asymmetrical screams, themes of queer revenge, escapism and belonging are explored. The duo are currently working on a new album, and their concert will no doubt provide the first taste of this. On the evening before their show, Lol K will also be playing a DJ set at Radio Bollwerk.

TH€€ PH¥SICAL (DJ set)

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