XIXA play dark, dusty, cumbia-tinged, psychedelic rock. The music is attuned to their Latin roots and the vibrant indie-rock scene of their hometown, Tucson. Their own version on chicha, or Peruvian cumbia, reveals surprising common ground with music from the Arizona desert: A potent and spicy mix of heavy fuzz guitars, sandy rock’n’roll and Latin pulses. Uncut called this «a haunting mesmerising stew» and Les Inrocks «trippy music with devilish arrangements». The two band leaders, Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan, also play live with Giant Sand and Calexico.

INEZ Beitragsbild

Support: INEZ

The opening act is INEZ, a trio featuring Ines Brodbeck, a Basel native with Cuban roots and a good friend of XIXA. Guitarist Gabriel Sullivan will, therefore, will be on stage as the fourth member of band. Gabriel also helped produce INEZ’s third album, which was released last year.


Foto: Puspa Lohmeyer