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Admission free (collection)

Every Sunday from 13:00 to 14:00

Foyer with bar open from 12:30 to 16:00

In friendly cooperation with Tanzhaus Zürich


Give yourself a Wild Card!

Halfway between a Day-Rave and an un-Sunday Workout… for a free and individual dance training to a high-quality DJ-set, open to all motivated dance loving people.


  1. Frame for a free form
  2. No physical touch
  3. Less judging for wider exploration
  4. Individuality within the collective
  5. Self-Guidance after short introduction


DJ Gërxhalita – with young wild Baile Dembow Cumbia beats from Biel-Lausanne and the world

DJ tba

DJ/Band Soybomb – Soybomb manufacture grooves and themes out of the blue. The trio that once performed quirky Indie-Pop goes on to explore improvisation and non-verbal encounter.

Christmas Special: No fuss, we’ll do it as usual! Wild Card is an accessible format to train yourself to the music of changing DJ’s, where all ages, previous knowledge, styles and emotions are welcome!

DJ MICH HEIMANN: Has been playing at Christmas parties and other events for years, with music of all kinds and very ‘family-friendly’.

Skipped. Instead, we look forward to seeing you at Nouveau Sauvage from 19:00. Martin Schick and Dampfzentrale Bern invite you to an unconventional New Year’s Eve in the foyer of Dampfzentrale.

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