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«Life is Sick» by Marie Delprat and «Dormant» by David Koch are two cassette releases that will be launched by the Bernese label unvague this evening. Two albums filled with intense tremors and in-your-face experiments. And unvague creates the superstructure for it: An evening as a moment just before distortion, just before the beginning of summer, the flickering of the night, the end of the world, getting up, moving on.

Marie Delprat – Life is Sick

On her debut album Life is Sick, Marie Delprat musically explores the poems of Sylvia Plath. Distorted text fragments lurch over dark, industrial repetitions in five tracks, all of which paint an unusual, evocative sonic picture. A collection of various musical scenes and images, somber sonic atmospheres united on an analog object, a cassette, which in turn refers to the analog machines Marie Delprat used for the recordings.

The trained classical flutist has been discovering experimental electronics for herself for some time. And put them into unusual, performative formats: this is what happened with her program LIMBO, which Delprat developed last year with other musicians, stage designers and sound engineers and premiered at Dampfzentrale Bern.

David Koch – Dormant

It is as if there is almost no distance between our ear and the vocals on Dormant. David Koch practices minimalism on it, finding expression in the gaps of this world. It is an intimate pop album in the deconstruction of itself and sets up in this arrangement a musical state of mind that you can hardly escape.

David Koch is a multi-instrumentalist, shuttles as a guitarist between jazz formations and pop acts. In addition, he has made an international name for himself with his self-built electronic sound generators and effects. The album Dormant is his solo debut, on which he also dealt with lyrics for the first time.



Photo Marie Delprat: Fraumotor
Photo David Koch: Giulia Spek
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