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The performers give make-up tips, get inebriated on lemonade, sing love songs or act like tough guys. «Les promises» is a trip to the rugged northern part of Marseille, an area with the greatest social disparity of all Europe’s great metropolises and 50% youth unemployment.

The Unplush company, together with anthropologists, social workers and six young women, has initiated an artistic collaboration. The young people were invited to share their experiences on questions of femininity and the strict rules they have to abide by as girls in the north of Marseilles. Teenage myths and sisterhoods mingle with a respect for their roots and all kinds of origins that live in peaceful co-existence in this melting pot of cultures.

«Les promises» develops into an abstract scenic space of wave forms that evoke thoughts of a beach or a bedroom. The group dynamics of the young women is the driving force of this dance evening. Their stories are retold in new ways, speculatively, imaginary and personally. But what the future promises remains to be seen.
Aware of the clichés surrounding their social context, the young women use parodies, memes and self-irony to create a space of complicity and empathy.


Les promises:
Amira Njahi, Rachel Nahoumi,
Delphine Maitre, Ilhem Mechentel,
Minane Ould Ibbat, Djenna Sekarna
Concept And Realisation : Marion Zurbach
Film Director: Giulia Angrisani
Film Editor & Assistant Director: Mattia Petullà
Composer: Giorgio Gristina
Assistant & Dramaturge: Vittorio Bertolli
Stage Designer & Dramaturge : Arthur Eskenazi
Costumes : Silvia Romanelli
Light Designer: Olivier Famin
Educator: Mouldia Lakhal
Production Management: Martina Langmann

Unterstützt durch:
Swisslos – Kultur Kanton Bern
Kultur Stadt Bern
Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung
HMSL Stiftung
Burgergemeinde Bern
Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS
Stiftung Anne-Marie Schindler

Foto: Christian Ganet.