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The performance explores the conditions of the monstrous and the system that produces it. What are the political and historical issues at stake at each stage of its construction? The monster is the sum of values attached to a civilization which crushes bodies, disconsiders certain postures and ecosystems. The Romantic ballet’s villains and the animals known as “pests” belong to this category of unwanted, negligible beings, or those to be fought. Inspired by these creatures on the margins, the performer goes in search of a poetics of impure and horrific figures. 

Marion Zurbach and her team are residing at Dampfzentrale from July 1st until July 5th. On Friday 5th of July they will be offering a showing of their current work.


Concept and performance: Marion Zurbach
Sound creation: Zooey Agro
Costume creation: Silvia Romanelli

Dramaturgy: Arthur Eskenazi
Producer: Maxine Devaud & Prune Allain Bonsergent
Administration: Raphaël Soleilhavoup

Coproduction: BNM, Ballet National de Marseille

Partners: C N D Maison pour la Danse Pantin, Dampfzentrale Bern, KLAP Maison pour la Danse à Marseille, Tanzhaus Zürich, SOMA Marseille
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