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Noise makers, movement fanatics, performance nerds, songwriters and sound researchers break through the boundaries between genres and present the audience with what they have been working on for the last few days.

Chloé: «Insomnie»

Chloé Bieri collapses the boundaries between pop, performance and installation art. In her hybrid performance, the Lausanne-based artist mixes sound installation and visuals to create a performative and experimental format. An immersive experience awaits the audience in the form of a pop concert embedded in an experimental sound installation.

Gemma Ragués Pujol und Lisa Mark: «Lost and Found»

In the room there are various everyday objects and utensils, which the two artists Gemma Ragués Pujol and Lisa Mark bring to sound and play with loudspeakers, aquarium pumps, transducers or DC motors. The performative sound installation, reminiscent of a scene in a lost property office, actually deals with getting lost or being lost, with the relationship between people and objects and the stories behind them.

Sinon-Les-Bains: «How to make eggs out of tomatoes»

They are loud, they create chaos, they create instability and uncertainty. The Bern-based band Sinon-Les-Bains creates through improvisation and distortion, exploring different types of music and forming something of their own from it. The trio consisting of a musician, an actress and a visual artist with a physical disability actively involves the audience. Everyone is invited to join in, sing along or simply get involved in this energetic, trashy and punky world.

Bentschik:Bruecker - «LIM:ES»

In «LIM:ES», Franziska Bruecker and Lyn Bentschik deal with absence, build on invisible connections, make them tangible and poetically arouse curiosity to discover them. While a performer moves in a performance area defined by distance sensors, the relationship of the space to the performer is reflected in the sound. Through musical and movement-compositional decisions, the audience experiences an interplay between movement and sound that is constantly redefined and regulated.

Sara Koller & Manuela Luterbacher: «Do you smell this?»

On a journey to the Caucasus, the artists Manuela Luterbacher and Sara Koller explored dynamics of coexistence and took on global challenges such as the war in Ukraine or global climate change. In the process, they asked themselves many questions: What resources are we entitled to? How can we shape a coexistence that is acceptable for everyone? They translated their reflections on this into an artistic language based on music, video, body, dance and audio material.


Komposition, Performance, Sound Installations: Chloé Bieri
Technische Assistenz: Baptiste Bieri + TBC
Fotos: Naomi Setiawan

Performerinnen: Lisa Mark & Gemma Ragues Pujol
Dank an Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern, Stadt Bern und Kanton Bern
Fotos: Matthias Müller

Cast: Anaïs Balmón, Luis Felipe Arteaga & Wanda Winzenried
Fotos: Sinon-les-bains

Performance & Choreografie: Lyn Bentschik
Komposition & Konzept: Franziska Bruecker
Fotos: Claude Hofer

Performerinnen: Sara Koller & Manuela Luterbacher
Videos & Sound: Manuela Luterbacher
Fotos: Manuela Luterbacher

Foto: Yves Klein – Collaboration Harry Shunk, 1924–2006 et János Kender, 1938–2009.
Le Saut dans le Vide, Fontenay-aux Roses, France, Octobre 23 1960.
Action artistique d’Yves Klein © Yves Klein, ADAGP, Paris / 2022, ProLitteris, Zurich
Collaboration Harry Shunk and János Kender © J. Paul Getty Trust.
Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2014.R.20)

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